Workshop on Development and Use of a Knowledgebase System for ILBM Research


Research Centre for Limnology – LIPI (RCL-LIPI) held a workshop on Development and Use of Knowledgebase System for IBLM Research on July 9 – 11, 2018 at RCL-LIPI. This event is a collaboration between International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC) and RCL-LIPI, attended by researchers from RCL-LIPI and Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF)

At the opening of the workshop, Director of Research Center Limnology – LIPI, Dr. Fauzan Ali stated that the workshop is held as a commitment of RCL – LIPI cooperation with ILEC.  In 2016, RCL-LIPI and ILEC with other Indonesian Government Institute have organized WLC (World Lakes Conference) in Bali.
This workshop entitled Integrated Lake Basin Management and LAKES3 database is important for researchers, especially Southeast Asian Limnological Network (SEAL Net) member where RCL-LIPI was acted as secretariat SealNet.  It also responds to the lake problems in ASEAN and the problems of the lake in Indonesia in cooperation with MOEF.  Moreover, Prof. Masahisa Nakamura said that ILEC has cooperated with various universities and institutions in Asia related to the lake.

In this workshop, the participants got material about Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) and Learning Acceleration and Knowledge Enhancement System (LAKES) delivered by Prof. Masahisa Nakamura and Kiyoko Takemoto.




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