NRF Program – Professor of Chonnam National University visited in Research Centre for Limnology

Prof Kim JinKwan from Chonnam National University has visited Research Centre for Limnology for Oct 19 – 31, 2017 as NRF program.  Some discussion as below:

Reservoir sediment sources

Maintaining sustainable reservoirs is a serious global problem and requires that the source, composition, and behavior of reservoir sediment be understood in detail. Few studies on seasonal variation in pond sediment sources have been conducted.

Some discussions:
How to handle sedimentation
With flushing / flushing, but this is not suitable because the Saguling Reservoir is part of 3 interconnecting dams. Flushing will only create a problem for the next reservoir (Cirata and Jatiluhur)

With the “finger print” method, we can trace the source of the sedimentation cause (slope or channel). Furthermore, we can focus on rehabilitating the resource area / region

Another way with “reconstruction of sediment rate”,
With this modeling, we can reconstruct the sedimentation velocity from initial conditions to predicted forward by considering landuse changes etc.  Other option is sedimentation dredging technology

Check dam or storage dam to cope with sedimentation
In the discussion came the idea to make a storage dam (before entering the reservoir) to accommodate sedimentation so as not to enter the reservoir. Later, the dredging is routinely carried out at the storage dam.

Rainfall Simulator :
To propose suitable operating conditions for soil erosion and/or landslide experiments.To contribute to better understand and more clarify the results of the previous and future studies of erosion and/or landslide experiments using rainfall simulators

Some pictures: Prof. Kim activities



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