The 16th World Lake Conference


The theme of the conference is “Lake Ecosystem Health and Its Resilience: Diversity and Risks of Extinction”. The participants are expected to be coming from worldwide researchers, academicians, governments, Non Governmental Organizations, as well as local communities and other stakeholders. The number of participants is selected based on the abstract selection to be conducted by the event scientific committee. It is expected that about 700 to 1000 attendees will participate in this forum.


The conference is organized by The Republic of Indonesia; Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in collaboration with International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) which has co-hosted The World Lake Conference over 30 years.

More information detail in WLC16


INA01 Climate change and water crisis
INA01-01 hydrological change impacts
INA01-02 hydrodynamic changes impacts
INA01-03 lakes as carbon sinks and carbon stock capacitors
INA01-04 adaptation and mitigation of lakes under climate-change threats
INA02 Lake environments under stress and their restoration challenges
INA02-01 Dying lakes and their rehabilitations
INA02-02 land-based pollution and sedimentation
INA02-03 eutrophication related phenomena and restoration measures
INA03 Lake and lake basin management and policies
INA03-01 Catchment management
INA03-02 shoreline management
INA03-03 in-lake measures
INA03-04 river-lake-estuary systems
INA03-05 lentic-lotic complexes
INA03-06 lake basin governance
INA03-07 legal and regulatory practices
INA03-08 integrated lake basin management (ILBM)
INA03-09 ecosystem service frameworks
INA03-10 best management practices
INA04 Multiple water use purposes
INA04-01 hydropower generation
INA04-02 bottled waters
INA04-03 irrigation
INA04-04 public water supplies
INA05 Water education, ecotourism, culture
INA05-01 awareness campaigns
INA05-02 community participation
INA05-03 local knowledge/wisdom
INA05-04 heartware approaches
INA06 Data base and knowledgebase systems, informatics, monitoring technologies
INA06-01 geo-spatial technologies and mapping
INA06-02 GIS and Remote Sensing techniques and applications
INA06-03 data inventories and metadata sources
INA06-04 modeling and analytical tools
INA07 Biodiversity and conservation
INA07-01 biodiversity assessment
INA07-02 biodiversity restoration techniques
INA07-03 freshwater fishery issues, challenges and prospects
INA07-04 indigenous species of flora and fauna
INA07-05 assessment and management of invasive species of fish and vegetation
INA08 Ecotechnology and ecohydrology (Pak Tjandra,
INA08-01 ecosystem restoration and restoration ecology
INA08-02 ecosystem-based water quality improvement
INA08-03 assessment of ecosystem health
INA08-04 litoral zones and ecotones
INA09 Manmade lakes
INA09-01 limnology of man-made lakes
INA09-02 reservoir operations and management
INA09-03 dams and their impacts
INA09-04 urban lakes
INA09-05 disused mining pools
INA09-06 waste mining ponds
INA10 Limnology and limnological science fundamentals
INA10-01 limnology of tropical lakes
INA10-02 brackish lakes and its limnology
INA10-03 lake-river interactions
INA10-04 physical limnology and sediment transport
INA10-05 paleolimnology

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