The Study on Depth Profiles of Dark Zone in Temengor Lake

Temengor lake is supposedly to a perfect place for growth and biodiversity of fish species.  Providing a clean water source to human, the biodiversity of the flora and fauna found within this area needs to be preserved and conserved to support the important ecosystem of nature.

Dark zone, referred as the “aphotic zone” or “euphotic zones” is the stratum where there is no light penetration into the water bodies.  As the second largest man-made lake in Malaysia after Kenyir Lake, it is crucial to learn about the dark zone of tropical Temengor Lake.  A guideline and blueprint on Temengor Lake would be an informative tool the policy makers in shaping the future of this great lake system.

The workshop on “The Study on Depth Profiles of Dark Zone in Temengor Lake” has been held on August 6, 2015 at Faculty Biology, USM – Penang, Malaysia

The detail of event could be seen on this link: Dark Zone study at Temengor Lake




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