Annual Scientific Meeting MLI 2013

Topic : Limnological progress in supporting sustainable development in Indonesia : Challenge and Expectation


  1. To globally discuss Indonesia’s recent research topics of limnology.
  2. The scientific medium to exchange latest knowledge in limnology with researchers/colleagues at any stages, policy makers, community, and stakeholders having common interest upon Indonesia lake’s condition.
  3. To generate conceptual model and recommendations on holistically sustainable management of national priority’s designated lakes on the basis of limnology approach.

Keynote Speakers

  1. Prof. Dr. Gadis Sri Haryani (Puslit Limnologi-LIPI)
  2. Dr. Osamu Kozan  (CSEAS-Kyoto University)
  3. Dr. Adelina C. Santos-Borja (General manajer Laguna Lake Development Authority ILEC Committee)


Seminar Scope and Topic

Seminar is open for lecturers, students, researchers, policy makers and those who concern with inland water ecosystems (lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and estuarine).  Seminar would likely be discussing researches pertaining to issues on the current condition of inland waters in Indonesia that could be used as references on Indonesian inland water management.  The topics that will be raised as a discussion in the seminar :

  1. Functional biodiversity
  2. Lake ecology and catchment area
  3. Restoration and lake conservation
  4. Sustainable management of fisheries
  5. Mitigation against lake desolation/disaster
  6. Social and Institutional aspect
  7. Public policies related to efforts for lake conservation

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